Emma Lewisham

Emma Lewisham Illuminating Oil Cleanser 115ml


Bathe your skin in flowers with this luxurious 100% natural cleansing oil (115ml). It contains 23 high performing natural actives that flood the complexion with hydration and full-spectrum skin-beautifying antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamin A, C and E. It's engineered to deliver the most illuminating and glowing complexion you can imagine.

The formula harnesses the superpowers of four neuropeptide rich flowers, including Bulgarian Lavender, Neroli Absolute and Rose absolute, that have a visible relaxing and smoothing effect. These naturally occurring acids help eliminate dead skin cells bringing illumination and radiance back to lackluster skin.

This multi-taking cleanser is designed to counteract the ageing effects everyday living has on our skin with its unparalleled performance in detoxifying impurities and pollution, and with an optimised ratio of 12 sources of vitamin E, it simultaneously rehydrates the skin’s natural moisture, leaving the skin bouncy, supple and soft to touch. 

Upon contact with water, this luxurious flower-packed oil transforms into a milky emulsion to ensure a residue-free finish. Reveal your most illuminated skin yet.

Why A Cleansing Oil?

The premise is simple: oils dissolve oils, making them excellent at cleaning skin. Most formulas have an oil base along with traditional cleansing ingredients, which binds to dirt and sebum on the surface and removes it without disrupting the skin barrier. Our oil cleansers cleans deeply, but it also hydrates, calms and strengthens the skin’s natural hydro-lipidic film.