Raaie Christmas Gift Set



The globally award-winning skincare serum duo, now as a limited edition, pre-wrapped gift set (with a $30 saving). Available for the month of December only, RAAIE’s Christmas Set contains our AM and PM serums, designed to give your skin the essential vitamins and nourishment for brighter, firmer, smoother and clearer skin in 6 weeks. 

The Christmas Set comes pre-wrapped in a nude pink bag with RAAIE’s signature symbols ribbon, so you can place it straight under the tree.

The Christmas Set contains:

1. FOR AM: Morning Dew Vitamin C SerumA refreshing, gel-like serum that protects and brightens your skin, giving it the famous RAAIE dewy glow. Two types of Vitamin C are combined with the antioxidant power of New Zealand botanicals, like sauvignon blanc grape seed and blackcurrants, for protection against signs of ageing. More info

2. FOR PM: Yellow Moonbeam Retinal Elixir: A luxurious evening elixir that has been described as “an Instagram filter for your face”. This serum accelerates cellular turnover, revealing smoother, bouncier, firmer-looking skin. Containing encapsulated Retinal (an incredible, next-generation version of retinol/ Vitamin A), along with bakuchiol, niacinamide, squalene, native marine algae, alpine rosehip, and harakeke native flaxseed.